At Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc., our work environment is based on best practices from across the oil and gas sector. Employees and contractors work together towards our vision: to achieve operational excellence. We are proud of our culture which drives strong performance, encourages teamwork and rewards successful people. Our employees and contractors are guided by our values:


  • Strong collaborative relationships
  • Demonstrate open mindedness


  • Pride in application of expertise
  • Pursue continuous learning and self-development
  • Seek feedback and adapt behavior to enhance performance


  • Accountable for outcomes
  • Disclose personal stands and limits
  • Share credit and give opportunity
  • Consistency in words and actions
  • Deliver on commitments

Results focused

  • Establish aggressive goals and drive for results
  • Organizational success above individual views
  • Immediate and independent action
  • Persist in face of obstacles
  • Reduce costs and improve performance


  • Seek input, apply experience and make timely decisions
  • Prepare to make decisions in absence of complete information
  • Focus on important information
  • Communicate rationale and expected actions
  • Improve decisions through execution and feedback

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