Our pipelines provide an underground network for the safe movement of refined petroleum products.

  • Pipelines are recognized as the safest method of transporting large quantities of liquid hydrocarbons (oil, gas) over long distances, according to research conducted by Natural Resources Canada.
  • Pipelines follow a stretch of land called a right-of-way, which identifies a pipeline’s approximate location and an area of land in which certain activities require approval. For more information about approvals for excavation or conducting other activities near the right-of-way, click here.
  • Marker signs are posted along the pipeline to advise those in the area that they are near a pipeline. TNPI marker signs are yellow in Ontario & Québec and white in Alberta and include our contact information.
  • Free “One Call” utility notification services provide specific details about the location of pipelines and other utilities to reduce the risk of damage and promote safe excavation practices.
  • TNPI’s pipelines are regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator in Ontario and Quebec, and by the Alberta Energy Regulator  in Alberta.
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Canada Energy Regulator
  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)