TNPI has a detailed Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place to respond safely and efficiently in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident. Our ERP covers the preparedness and execution of emergency response activities for all TNPI facilities, infrastructure and operations.

The Emergency Response Plan contains TNPI’s response objectives and strategies, such as those outlined below.

Response Objectives


  • Protect responders from hazards related to the response
  • Protect the public from any hazards, including released materials
  • Protect injured people in the immediate area from further injury
  • Protect drinking water from hazards of released materials


  • Protect aquatic organisms from hazards of released materials
  • Protect animals, reptiles and birds from hazards of released materials
  • Protect environmentally sensitive habitats from contamination
  • Protect agricultural areas from contamination


  • Protect recreational, commercial, and residential areas from contamination and disruption
  • Protect shareholders from the impact of an incident

Potential Strategies

  • Secure the site and establish hot, warm, and cold zones as well as access, egress, and decontamination areas
  • Develop a safe workplan for the protection of the responders
  • Remove ignition sources, and activate fire safety systems/plans at applicable sites
  • Assist public First Responders in decisions to evacuate or shelter-in-place local residents and businesses
  • Assist First Responders with decisions on road and highway closures if necessary
  • Establish exclusion areas
  • Contain and control the spread of the released product(s)
  • Protect sensitive habitat areas
  • Protect sensitive social and economic locations
  • Recover released product(s)
  • Establish a waste-management program
  • Establish a wildlife recovery and wildlife rehabilitation program
  • Establish a claims centre
  • Establish a media centre complete with an internet site and social media feeds
  • Remediate

Additional information on response actions is found in Section 6.6 in the Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

In keeping with the pipeline industry’s commitment to transparency of emergency response information, we also make our Emergency Response Plan available to the public*. We regularly consult with emergency responders, municipal, federal, provincial officials, and Indigenous communities to share the ERP with them to ensure these stakeholders have the most current information in the event they are required to respond to an incident involving our operations.

Download the full Emergency Response Plan (14 Mb).

*Note: TNPI has redacted a limited amount of information from our ERP to preserve the safety and security of our employees, our assets, and the environment.