Our Pipelines

Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. (TNPI) operates two pipeline systems in Canada. Both are underground and transport refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel and heating fuel.

Ontario-Quebec Pipeline

We operate 850 kilometres of pipeline in Ontario-Quebec. The pipeline flows east to west, linking Montreal, Quebec and Oakville, Ontario and west to east between Nanticoke and Toronto, Ontario. There are also branch lines which connect Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, as well as Clarkson and Ottawa, Ontario.

This pipeline safely transports an average of 27,500m3 or approximately 172,900 barrels of refined fuel products daily.

The pipeline is regulated by the National Energy Board (NEB), the agency responsible for regulating pipeline activities in the interests of the Canadian public.

Ontario-Quebec Pipeline

Alberta Pipeline

The Alberta Products Pipe Line spans 320 kilometres and flows north to south, transporting products from refineries in the Edmonton area to distribution terminals in Calgary including the Calgary International Airport.

On average, the pipeline transports 7,700m3 or approximately 48,400 barrels of refined fuel products daily and is a main source of delivery for refined petroleum products in southern Alberta.

The Alberta Products Pipe Line is regulated by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), the agency responsible for regulating Alberta’s oil and gas resources.

Alberta Pipeline